About Me

That's Me!

That’s Me!

As I sit here today, I’m on the dying end of twenty and still living in Baltimore City, a city which burrows deeper into my heart with each season. I’m a die-hard Ravens and Orioles fan and I think there is nothing better than seeing an entire city engulfed in Purple (or Orange, depending on the season)! I am obsessed with my animals, Riesling & Farley and I adore my boyfriend, an all around stud with a heart of gold. My family means the world to me, as crazy and as imbalanced as they may be. And my friends? Don’t even get me started, my sanity would be even more fragmented without them.


In college I met my best friend who is still “my person” to this day and made unbreakable bonds with some amazing women who although I don’t get to see often, will always hold a special place in my heart (Ω♥).


My Person Omegas + Wine = Bliss Alpha Nu Omega